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Writer | Editor | A11y Secialist

I’m Courtney.
I’m a writer, accessibility & inclusion specialist,
and video game nerd.

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In 2014, I co-founded a Deaf accessibility video game review site and in 2018, four years of hard work became Can I Play That? an online community and media site all about gaming and accessibility, created for disabled gamers, by disabled gamers.

Six years of rating and reviewing video games and being part of the #A11y community has allowed accessibility and how essential it is that we do our best to ensure all people have equal access on the web, in games, and out in the world, to become the center of my life, both personally and professionally.

I created the document, Accessibility for Writers, after taking a couple "writer platform" courses during my MFA program and being disappointed by the fact that we spent 20 weeks learning how to build and grow our sites and platforms for our "ideal readers" and accessibility didn't come up even once. The document exists to package accessibility and the inclusion of disabled readers in an easy-to-digest manner that anyone can easily implement.

My short fiction and craft essays can be found on Medium.

I'm also a contractor for Epic Games, where I do captioning and the copy editing of captions for marketing and community videos.


I am the editor-in-chief for Can I Play That?, a captioner, and an accessibility consultant for video games and higher education.
I’m also a fiction writer, I have a BA in sociology, an MA in English, and an MFA in fiction writing. I talk about video games, my dog Tali, and accessibility/inclusion a lot on Twitter.

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You can reach me at courtney@clcraven.com or by using the contact form below.

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