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As the co-founder of award-winning media outlet, Can I Play That?, my work has driven change in the gaming industry. I have led accessibility workshops at Ubisoft, Splash Damage, Square Enix, and Creative Assembly and was invited to present at GDC 2021.

As a captioning project manager at Epic Games, my work has helped Unreal Engine become one of the only brands in the industry providing copy edited captions for all video content.

As a writer, I had the privilege of penning the first accessibility review to appear in a major games media outlet with my review of the Xbox Series X for IGN. In the spring of 2021, I was invited to bring my work in accessibility to the literary world when I delivered a workshop on accessibility for writers at ASU's Piper Writers Studio.

How One Becomes
Sarah Mead

Cover for How One Becomes Sarah Mead.

Sarah is an independent and successful queer woman. At forty-years-old, she’s just secured tenure at the university and she’s recently gotten engaged to Sam, a transgender man. Everything is going exactly as she hoped it would and she revels in this life she was never supposed to have. Sarah is the eldest daughter of a cult leader but had the good fortune of being born Deaf and, as her father told her, not of marriage quality. She left the cult at fifteen and never looked back. Until her aunt, the closest Sarah has had to a real mother, asks her and Sam to give her estranged sister and her young nephew a home. Her sister is fleeing the cult and her husband who has beaten her for a decade.

Now faced with having to help her sister, who is nothing more than a stranger to her, and house a child, which neither Sarah nor Sam have ever wanted, Sarah fears Mina will derail everything good they’ve got going. How can they take care of a woman who knows nothing but violence, fear and a cult’s bastardized Christianity? How will their relationship endure what Sarah is certain will be the hateful scrutiny of her religious sister?

Praise for How One Becomes Sarah Mead

“Craven brings marginalized communities into sharp focus in this big, warm-hearted novel about what it means to be a family, and how the forces of diversity and inclusion can erode intolerance and hate.” — Melissa Hart | Better with Books: 500 Diverse Books to Ignite Empathy and Encourage Self-Acceptance in Tweens and Teens

“Sarah is the kind of character I wish publishing cared more about. She’s determined and kind and has her own struggles. Her disability isn’t the plot of the story. This makes the book even more gripping. The writing is a testament to what #OwnVoices is all about.” — Robert Kingett | Author & Editor

“I’ve wanted a book where it just happens to be that people are Muslim and they’re living actual lives that people live. Having human experiences and they happen to be Muslim. Because that’s reality, whether people want it or not. Genuine people having human experiences. The reconciliation of that is beautiful in this writing. I haven’t ever seen my story and a depiction of who I am as a Muslim portrayed before and it’s a sacred experience of feeling that I am real, I am valid, that comes when we see ourselves existing in fiction and that’s what I saw in this book.” — Krista Schaaf | Diversity & Inclusion Advocate

“A lovingly crafted glimpse at the strength of family, faith, and love. These characters embrace their intersectionality and flaws, and grow in beautiful ways throughout this novel as it examines the difficulties and discomforts of truly unconditional love.” — Tuğba Hamid | Social Worker and Educator

“Courtney goes beyond predictable picket fences with How One Becomes Sarah Mead, and bravely reflects the dance of colorful lights that shine through the tenacity of human narrative.”


I’m Courtney and I’m a writer, captionist, and accessibility expert. I live in Michigan with my dog, Tali, the best girl. In my off time I love slowly chipping away at my ever-growing gaming backlog, hiking with Tali, and binge watching the same five shows over and over again.

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